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Megan shares videos of short trapeze phrases on her Patreon. She'd love to share these vids with you, most of which are from the former @megangendell account that Instagram deleted. Videos are tagged by trapeze skill and easy to browse or search. Take a look!

teaching circus

Megan has been teaching and performing circus since 2007. She currently teaches solo and duo trapeze and handstands upon request only. (She is extremely susceptible to flattery.)

She lives in Minneapolis and is available to teach at Stomping Grounds. She loves to travel for workshops and private lessons and she teaches on Zoom when it's the right fit.


Megan currently performs handbalancing and solo trapeze as well as contemporary dance and ballet. She is open to corporate, creative, and collaborative opportunities.

and more

Megan loves bouldering, parkour, running, swimming, biking, downhill skiing, and trying new things -- although she is very bad at pickleball.

past projects

Whew, this feels like the hardest thing to express in text only on this site: how to show what every project meant to me, and keep it from feeling like an impersonal CV or resume?

I've been part of a lot of powerful, beautiful small-scale circus-theater and dance shows, mostly based on the East Coast, from 2007 on.